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At night he can be seen walking along the fence outside the cell block with a bunch of keys rattling against his side.

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Paranormal activity, strange sensations, and weird noises have been reported by visitors to this prison which was built by convicts in It was a place of incarceration for locally-sentenced prisoners and many were executed for murder and rape. The facility ceased operation in and is now a public museum managed by the government of Western Australia. Some women have experienced a warm pressure, like a cloud of steam enveloping them, as they toured a cell once occupied by a sexual offender.

Completed in , this was the first Australian-designed gaol, planned by colonial architect James Barnett. Visitors claim to have heard ghostly voices and a photograph taken during a tour shows an unexplained white haze which seems to be an apparition of two figures. The gaol closed down in and was used as extra classroom space for Wentworth Central School until It is now a popular tourist attraction. The ghost of Elizabeth Scott, the first woman to be executed at the prison, is believed to still haunt the Old Melbourne Gaol.

Paranormal sightings and strange voices have been heard near the cells and a monstrous, ghostly figure has been recorded hovering in doorways. This gaol opened in and continued to operate until One of its most notorious inmates was bushranger Ned Kelly. The gaol is now a museum housing prison memorabilia. Records show 44 bodies were buried in the prison in an upright position so that they may never rest. Maybe these are the restless spirits that still haunt the place. His dog shrank back in fright and refuses to go there anymore. Parts of the prison are being converted into residential apartments.

In operation from to , this was the first permanent gaol of South Australia. This is not its only distinction, however, as it is apparently quite a popular stomping ground for spirits of bodies long departed.

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A young girl has been sighted walking and dissolving through the wall of the guard tower, while the ghost of a man has been seen strolling along the upper walkway. She carried a scar across her mouth which was the result of her husband hitting her with a brass candlestick. He took to his bed for three years after coming home one day complaining of a pain in his ankle. When a doctor recommended a two week break away from home, Frank left and never returned. Sarah never saw him again.

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The marriage had produced two sons, Joseph and John. Sarah had a passionate love for her sons and she took on the task of sole breadwinner. Setting off at 3. A tragic accident which resulted in the death of her beloved five year old son John was the beginning of her downward spiral into drunkenness.

Some of our famous Gaol Characters

She amassed a total of convictions resulting from her drunkenness and unruly behaviour. Her first conviction was in Subsequent convictions included drunkenness, indecent language, assault, resisting arrest, riotous behaviour, abusive language and disturbing the peace. Her behaviour earned her another 14 days in gaol. Sarah spent over 16 years in Adelaide Gaol in short sentences, she was sentenced to 12 months five times and spent 12 Christmas Days in gaol.

Many of her sentences were served concurrently. If she had served her full terms of imprisonment she would have spent over years in gaol! In her early seventies she was visited by members of the Salvation Army and decided to reform her ways. She became an enthusiastic supporter of the Salvation Army.

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Rupert Maxwell Stuart was an Aranda Aboriginal who was tried and convicted of the rape and murder of 9 year old schoolgirl Mary Olive Hattam on the 20th December at Thevenard near Ceduna. The illiterate Stuart was sentenced to the gallows; however he was reprieved seven times, once only hours before facing the noose. A Royal commission was eventually held to appease a divided population.

The Royal Commission found the case against Stuart was valid but the then Premier Tom Playford commuted the death sentence to life imprisonment. Stuart served most of his time in Yatala Prison. The time he spent at Adelaide Gaol was mostly while his parole breaches and sentencing was being reviewed. Sister Mary MacKillop. However, many people are not aware of her association with the Adelaide Gaol. They helped to reform prisoners and deter them from a life of crime. Many female prisoners were helped with practical housekeeping instructions and taught sewing, cooking and knitting.

This gave them an alternative means of employment to that of prostitution. On one occasion, Hugh Fagan, a man convicted of murder and sentenced to death, lost control when he was visited by a doctor and a priest prior to his execution. He was so distraught that he had to be chained down.

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Mary MacKillop and sister Felicitas visited Fagan although they had been warned not to. Mother Mary convinced Fagan to allow a priest to hear his confession and to receive Holy Communion.

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I was a new arrival and by tomorrow they would all know who I was and what I was charged with. Adelaide Knitting Club. Well-trusted prisoners worked in the garden. Borrow and Goodier were to build the new structure and work finally commenced in In fact we were told how one school group, after a sleepover, approached staff the next day and asked where the mannequin had gone from one of the yards as it had been there the night before. The Museum and Public Center is devoted to the preservation of the memory of Andrey Sakharov and all those who suffered and sacrificed under the totalitarian regime.

Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted on the tours. Old Adelaide Gaol is Adelaide's second oldest public building and the most haunted building in the state. The original gaol was a tent and was nicknamed "Ashton's Hotel" The gaol was established in , less than 5 months after the proclamation of South Australia. There were a total of 45 people hanged at the Old Adelaide Gaol and by law, the bodies of the executed had to buried within the prison grounds, It is believed that, at the time, it was a commonplace practice to bury the executed prisoners in a standing up position in order to never give their souls peace.

This tour should definitely be on your 'to do' list. It is simply amazing. Find me on Facebook www. Hear the violent, sad and sorry tales from some of the Old Adelaide Goals most prominent inmates portrayed by real actors.

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Some of our famous Gaol Characters. The following stories about the executions, inmates and officers of the Adelaide Gaol can be read in William Baker Ashton was the first Governor of the Adelaide Gaol. . She was 26 years old. Valance was the last man to hang in South Australia and the second to last in Australia. Adelaide Gaol was an Australian prison located in the Park Lands of Adelaide, in the state of South Australia. The gaol was the first permanent one in South Australia and operated from until The Gaol is one of the two oldest buildings still standing in South Australia, . Yard 4 consisted of two storey cell blocks which housed the male prisoners.

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