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As early as kindergarten, the sample certificate is necessary for registering in schools to serve as proof of identity and age of a child. In most cases, however, birth certificates will need to be government-authorized certified copies. In every three births, two are not registered in Asia. This is alarming since children who do not have birth certificates are the least prioritized when seeking treatment.

Certificates are cost-effective and very easy to make. Unlike an honorary or a training certificate , they contain more sensitive information that certifies the identity of a person. This includes the specific time of birth, place of birth, and the complete names of the parents. For this reason, Birth Certificates are especially sensitive documents that you have to be careful about.

Since the government only issues certified birth certificates, we will give you tips below on how to create a non-official birth certificate. There are various birth certificate forms online that are downloadable.

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Choose one that you find easy to work around with. Good for you because we offer Birth Certificate Templates that will cater to your modern certificate needs. Department of Justice Organizational structure Centralized Legal age for marriage 18 years for both sexes.

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Exemptions: 16 years for both sexes with consent from parent s or legal guardian s Is there a legal obligation to register marriages? Yes Is an official marriage certificate issued as a result of marriage registration? Yes, upon the celebration of a marriage, the person officiating the marriage should issue a copy of the marriage certificate to the parties, retain a copy, and send a copy to the registrar Marriage Act, section Fee for marriage registration Yes Can the fee be increased or waived?

Yes, depending on where the marriage is celebrated, e. Download sample marriage certificate. Official authorities in charge of registering a death Department of Civil Registration Services Organizational structure Centralized Is there a legal obligation to register deaths?

Yes Is an official death certificate issued as a result of death registration?

A notification of death death register is signed by a medical practitioner or community registration agent assistant chief who then forwards the notification to the registrar. A death certificate is issued upon application by an applicant; the certificate is then prepared from an existing register. Legal informant to register a death Next of kin, Medical official if the death occurred in a hospital Time allowed for registration 6 months Fee for death registration No Can the fee be increased or waived?

No Fee for death certificate Yes Penalty for late registration Yes Other official fees involved in the death registration process No Registration requirements or fees specific for the deaths of people who were residents in the country and also of foreign nationality No Requirements for death registration Identification card name of deceased , Date of death, Age at death, Sex of deceased, Place of occurrence, Usual residence of deceased, Cause of death, Name, title and signature of informant and the date of reporting, Signature and date of registration Information collected Regarding the deceased : Name, Sex, Date of birth or age, Marital status, Place of usual residence, Occupation, Level of education, Occupation, Nationality.

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Exemptions: 16 years for both sexes with consent from parent s or legal guardian s Is there a legal obligation to register marriages? Be wary when submitting personal information to any site that is not a government authorized agent. Presidential Decree No. Mail returned because of insufficient address or address changes will be re-mailed if this office is notified of the correct address within 6 months of request. Yes, upon the celebration of a marriage, the person officiating the marriage should issue a copy of the marriage certificate to the parties, retain a copy, and send a copy to the registrar Marriage Act, section For more information on Apostille and Exemplified copies, view Apostille and Exemplified.

Regarding the death : Date of death, Place of occurrence of the death, Type of place of occurrence hospital, home, etc. Download sample death registration form.

Birth Certificates

Birth Registration. Marriage Registration. Death Registration. Yes, the certificate is issued within 1 day of application from an existing record Download sample birth certificate Legal informant to register a birth Parents, Guardian, Any person with information relating to the birth Time allowed for registration Within 3 months Fee for birth registration No Can the fee be increased or waived?

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