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Chisolm, Robert E. Coderniz, Albert A. Taylor Jr. Cook, Kenneth: Encompass Health Corp. Cooper, Betty: American Mothers, Inc. Craft, Morgan A.

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Curtis, Edgar J. Dixie Green, Inc. Dole, Bob: authorize honorary appointment to grade of colonel in the regular Army S. Domke, Lorelei: Dept. Douglas County, CO: inclusion in U. Dozier, Madison: Dept. Duffy, Sean. Erickson, Frank A. Evans, Diane L. Eyberg, Jo: St.

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State of Maine Reimbursements . Marriages: 20 .. permanent record and may be changed only through the abatement process. Tax. been repaired or replaced over the past three decades by the Maine In volunteers recorded a record number of returns for recent years, with . Marriages: 33 SCOTT, MARY LYNN & HAMMES, ASA JAMES .3, *TINGLEY, JACK E & TINGLEY, SIBYL C 5,

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IV, , p. Mother, however, has come to my rescue and is doing the major part of the work. John Morton, and Richard Fox, two clergymen, persons of industry, vigilance, and capacity, were the men to whom he chiefly confided his affairs and secret counsels. Of prayer, and meditation. Gilbert Taylor Accomack, Virginia - aft

Gibson, Haven J. Gilbert, Sheila: St. Greenleaf, Ronald K. Jacobs Jr. Haxhiu, Qendrim: Dept. Hoover, Hannah K. Howington, Jimmy: U. Hoyer, Tim: Encompass Health Corp. Indiana: tribute to Indiana Dept. InterMetro Industries Corp. Jarecki, Riley M. Jewell, Dennis D. Veteran recipient, E [4JN]. Johnston, Kyla: Prudential Insurance Co. Joyride Brewing Co. Judah, Linda: St.

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Cellular Corp. Meyers, Carol: St. Mission K9 Rescue, Inc. Mitton, John F. Neither can it chuse but make for the Britaines reputation even in the highest degree, to have derived their beginning from the ancient Gauls, who in martiall prowesse have surpassed all others: with whom the Romans for many years maintained war, not about superioritie in glory, but for the very main chance of life and living: and who to use the Poets words rather than mine owne Per omnem Invecti Europam, quasi grando Aquilone vel Austro Importata, gravi passim sonnere tumultu.

The Romans and their stately Towre, which rais'd with steep ascent On Tarpie cliffe doth mount aloft, full well this yet doe know Pannonians, Aemathians eke, with Delphick rocke also. Neither must we here passe over in silence those reasons which others have alleaged to prove the Britans first rising from the Gauls. And withall, he noteth thus much, that the French at this day doe name that country Galles, which we call Wales: also, that the ancient Scots divided all the British nations into Gaol, and Galle, that is to say, after his Interpretation, into the Gallaeci and the Galli.

But if our Britans will needs be descended from the Trojanes, they shall not verily have me to gainesay them: and yet shall they in mine opinion ascribe their originall to the Trojanes best of all, by the old Gauls. For some say, as we reade in Ammianus, that some few who after the destruction of Troy fled, possessed themselves of Gaul at that time void and unpeopled. As the selfe same things, may be considered by divers circumstances, so they may be called also by sundry appellations, as Plato teacheth in his Cratylus?

So the Greeks named them Syrians, who, as Josephus writeth, calleth themselves Aramaeans. They that named themselves Chusians, were by the Grecians of their blacke faces called Ethiopians. Those which after their owne speech were named Celtae, the Greekes termed Galatae, of their milke-white colour, as some would have it, or of their long bush of haire, as I said erewhile.

Essays in Celebration of the Work of Bernard Capp

So, they that nominated themselves after their own language Teutsch, Numidians and Hellenes, by the Romans were named Germans, Mauri and Grecians. Even so in those daies, not to speake of many other , they which in their owne Idiome are called Muselmans, Magier, Czecchi and Besermans, are by all nations in Europe named Turkes, Hungarians, Bohemians, and Tartarians. This ground being laid let us enquire now into the names of our Island.

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The Island Britaine saith Plinie, renowned in the Greek records and ours both, lieth betwixt North and West over against Germanie, France and Spaine, but with a great distance betweene them, they being the greatest parts by far of all Europe. Him Gaule doth feare, him Britaine dreads.

Who also in the same traine of verses, calleth it the utmost Isle of the West. I passe over to speake of Aristides, who named it The great, and the furthest Island. But touching the name and originall of Britaine, the truth by reason of the divers and sundry wits of men is very doubtfull and wavering. And that out of the very British tongue, and from nothing else, which as it is least mingled with other languages, and withall most ancient, so in this search it seemeth greatly to helpe and further us.

For I affect and love the truth not in my selfe more than in another, and in whom soever I shall see it, I will most willingly and gladly entertaine it. And who sees not, that these words sprang out of the other? Moreover, the authoritie of Martial, Juvenal and Ausonius. For, whatsoever is thus painted and coloured, in their ancient countrey speech, they call Brith. The red colour is of the Britaines called Coch and Goch, which in my judgement lieth couched in these names, Cogidunus, Argentocoxus, and Segonax.

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The white colour is with them named Gwin, the very prints, as it were, and expresse tokens of which word, me thinkes I see in Venutius and Immanuentius. Glass in the British tongue, is as much as Blew, which is seene in the name of King Cuniglasus. Aure, which betokeneth a faire yellow or golden colour, bewraieth it selfe in Cungetorius and Arviragus. But now to the matter, if haply, all this hath beene beside the matter. This also is certaine, that in stories a Britaine is called in the British tongue Brithon. Britannia, saith Isidore, tooke that name from a word of the owne nation.

Which names, I doubt not but the Greeks made and delivered to the Latines, as who first discovered and surveied these lands. And this maner of composition is most usuall in the names of countries.