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In the following article, I'll try to explain why the old way of looking up numbers isn't very effective and how it's done today. First off if the phone number you're looking for is a landline you can still try the old way looking up a number with white pages. This however is becoming more difficult to do since more and more numbers out there are cell phones.

Unlike land lines which are public records and can be pulled up by any company like the white pages and yellow pages. Cell phone companies like to keep their records private. This might be done in part to protect the privacy of its customers. Which I'm sure most people appropriate even if they don't know about it.

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Who wants cold callers and telemarketers calling their cell phone on a daily basis. They still do but by keeping these records away from public records. They in turn keep them away from telemarketers and at least keep the cold calls and unwanted text messages down somewhat. These companies keep the records away from main street internet and only sell individual number information for a small fee to people willing to pay.

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So for anyone looking to do a quick Verizon phone lookup for free will be disappointed. Phone Detective : Offers the ability to search for the owner of any cell phone or any unlisted number. Intelius : Has the ability to search for unlisted phones and even cell phone numbers.

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In some cases, it may just be a wrong number, but many people have to deal with strangers constantly calling them. The free listings on all of these Yellow Pages searches is provided by Intelius. This service is available as an unlisted number, or an unpublished number. You don't want to call them? The Sydney Morning Herald.

US Search : Allows you to quickly reverse search for a number. Offers results including location, carrier, and a map. More detailed information is available for a price.

Bad News If You're Looking For a Free Verizon Cell Phone LookUp or Any Other Wireless Carrier.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup - Find the owner of unidentified phone numbers for both persons and businesses. Reverse phone lookup or Reverse phone number search are common phrases that refer to searching white pages records using just a phone number to find.

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Get free access to information on more than million phone numbers. Latest version includes stability improvements and bug fixes. They moved away 38 years ago!

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I found her brother on Facebook name unchanged, being male and now having his full name including middle name, found his relatives on the white pages advanced search. There is a very small profile, but it showed the town she was from, and both married names.

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Plus, I have never gone by or heard of the aliases that this app lists me as having. I have never heard of most of these people period and the false aliases you list me having should be removed as they border on libel. I do not have a common name either so remove that as a possible excuse. People pay and rely upon this information and for it to be so wrong and misleading on every level is just flat out ridiculous and criminal.

Please strive for something higher and until then list this app under amusement only or entertainment should be mandatory. So again, power to the people.

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Thanks for the review! We do request both location and contact list access, but I can explain why below. Location is optional, but it helps us understand where you're searching, so that we can provide nearby results.

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